Global Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Conveyor, Elevator, Reclaimer And Roller Chains.

We Also Manufacture And Supply Chain Accessories For All The Above Mentioned Chains.

Designers, Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Quality Conveyor Chain We Are Specialists In Conveyor Chain Manufacturing With Factory Facilities Capable Of Handling Any Orders You Have For Conveyor Chains Or Any Of Our Other Chain Products.

Our Chain Is Manufactured In South Africa For Our South African As Well As National And International Clients. We Have Many Clients Who Utilize Our Services To Import Conveyor Chains From South Africa Because Of Our Excellent Customer Service And Competitive Product Pricing.

We provide quality chain products and services to some of the most demanding industries, including:

Motor Assembly Plants

Bottling and Canning Plants

Cement Industry

Reclaimer Applications

Pulp and paper plants

Insta Chain Company will be only too willing to assist in specifications and applications should this be required.

Insta Chain Company has played a pivotal role in many successful elevator applications. We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of buckets and bucket elevator chain, which are a critical component in the bulk handling industry.

A bucket elevator is a form of conveyor which comprises a series of buckets attached on a vertically circulating chain, allowing the material to be conveyed vertically.

It consists of buckets to contain the material, chain to carry the buckets and transmit the pull and a means to drive the chain.

If it becomes necessary to modify the chain we would first consult with our highly qualified technical team before the chain is specified.

We market and supply our own buckets and bucket elevator chain, delivering top quality products from the manufacturer to the user, ensuring excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Insta Chain Company also manufactures and supplies conveyor chain, sprockets, buckets, slats, reclaimer chain, bottle washer chain, bushed chains for conveyors, bushed chains for long-haul conveyors, roller chain and large size special chains.

Quality Assurance

It is with total commitment and dedication to quality that we at Insta Chain Company have implemented a management policy that complies with ISO 9001:2008.

Insta Chain Company has its factory facilities in Pretoria, South Africa where all our chain products are manufactured.

Our Head Office is in Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa.

In fulfillment of our policy, we ensure that a high quality service is supplied in full compliance with the quality and performance requirements of our customers. We endeavor to understand current and future customer’s needs and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and thus ensure reliable product quality and customer satisfaction.

We apply 8 management principals as identified by the ISO standards writing committee and listed in Section QM 008 of the JOY CHAIN quality manual, to achieve the following objectives:

Maximum customer satisfaction.

Adherence to our quality Management System ensuring that we constantly achieve required quality and performance criteria.

The development and harnessing of the abilities of all our employees to attain maximum benefits for all stakeholders.

Fostering an environment of continuous review and improvement of our Quality Management System, ensuring a sustained competitive advantage of Insta Chain Company.

Creating value through mutually beneficial interdependent relationships for our internal stake holders and our customers.

The above mentioned objectives are measured and reviewed against the set targets of the organization objectives (QM 003/1) on a once yearly (Management review) basis to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

We expect that every employee understands the quality policy and are enabled and empowered to contribute in attaining the objectives contained in this policy.


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